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Rome, Municipio VIII area – EUR District, Via Laurentina

Dea Capital Real Estate Sgr
Fondo Laurus
// Key Facts
76.350 mq
Built surface area
89.805 mq
Green areas
23.770 mq
Municipal Property Tax
1.742.000 Euro

The business park, LEED Gold certified, is situated in the Eur district of Rome and was previously an ENI office complex for many years.
The main focus of Woliba is to offer a working environment that makes those working there feel at home, with dedicated areas and services.
The complex is composed of five main office buildings, single-tenant and multi-tenant, plus three secondary buildings dedicated to services, including a high-tech laboratory, a canteen, conference rooms, a gym, co-working areas and a bar.

All of this is immersed within three hectares of green areas for communal use, including an array of footpaths, open-air fitness areas and spaces for socialising.

The business park was the subject of an important redevelopment of the outdoor spaces, which saw, among the various initiatives, the construction of new access gates and the creation of a central open-air square, the focal point of the entire project.

// Special Services

Support with the development of a bespoke mobile application (Office App), dedicated to the management of the business park’s services:

• analysis of the services to be introduced
• technical-commercial analysis
• search for potential partner suppliers

Drafting of usage regulations for individual properties and the area

Drawing up the rules and regulations for the use of individual units and the entire complex
Undertaking a watchdog role to oversee the activities of tenants to ensure compliance with all existing certifications (CPI, LEED GOLD), including coordinating the monitoring activities of the LEED certifier.