The value of property,
the well-being of people:

our focus

Agile, smart and efficient, Revalo’s primary aim is to increase the value of its client’s property assets, placing maximum focus on their particular needs and pursuing objectives centred around sustainability, health and safety. Operationally independent and naturally dynamic, the company, founded by a group of managers that helped it grow until it was acquired through a management buyout, can count on consolidated professional experience and the propensity to utilise the most advanced innovative technologies for providing management solutions and state-of-the-art services, specifically designed with the client to fully realise the potential of each asset.

Extensive experience in managing large property assets has enabled the company to accomplish extremely impressive results and growth



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Revalo conducts its activities using a highly computerised platform, offering an integrated service for each phase of a property asset's life cycle

A highly specialised know-how to maximise
the return on our clients' assets.

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