An independent company founded on the experience of a management team that contributed to the evolution of the property management sector.


Following the management buyout in 2020, Revalo is now an Italian industry player that’s directly managed by its shareholders. It’s completely focussed on property services and guarantees a transparent and impartial relationship where its independence represents the key value to offer the market.

Reliability of information and the constant search for innovation

The deep knowledge of each property and its tenants, the timeliness and reliability of information, combined with the constant search for innovation, both technological and otherwise, all contribute to establishing an appropriate and effective property management strategy.


Respecting our values and sharing them with our clients are embodied within our most important asset: people. A close-knit, motivated and well-prepared team ready to identify solutions and opportunities aimed at meeting the shared objectives of our clients.

Independence is the cornerstone that underpins our relationship with our every client. We ensure the same levels of professional attention and confidentiality for each of the portfolios that are entrusted to us, guaranteed via an active management approach and an organisational set-up that’s designed to best meet the needs of our clients.

The management processes adopted are transparent, traceable and guarantee both full compliance with the needs of regulated entities, such as AMCs, REITs and FCICs, as well as the trust and reliability that form the foundation of the relationships with our clients, with the common objective of protecting and maximising returns on the managed assets.

The professionalism of Revalo is based on more than twenty years’ experience gained by its team, guided by the shareholder managers, in managing large property portfolios.

Our priorities are the performance of the managed portfolios and the satisfaction of clients, fundamental elements that underpin the achievement of our success. Working alongside the most distinguished Asset Management organisations in the Italian and international markets inspires us to undertake a continuously proactive role in identifying the most suitable and innovative management initiatives in the constant pursuit of creating value.

We are committed to guaranteeing the maximum effectiveness of our management tools by adopting solutions in line with industry best practice. This is also partly thanks to a company model that’s dedicated to technological and process innovation, so as to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our services.


Revalo’s services are aimed at the owners of large property assets (investors with international standards and regulated entities such as AMCs, REITs and FCICs), as well as family offices that manage private assets, on both the Italian and international markets.

The industrialisation of compliance processes, a structured start-up phase and the assignment of a Property Manager expert to each commission enable all of Revalo’s clients to benefit, in line with their objectives, from the experience and professionalism gained over many years of working within a close-knit group.

Revalo is quick to respond to the needs of the market, even to the single segments for specialised ad hoc services, for example due diligence, engineering, project management and advisory services. Even in this case our clients can receive the full benefit of a specialised know-how that’s unrivalled in the market, capable of fully grasping the positioning of a single activity within the entire property management and optimisation life cycle.