Revalo utilises a highly computerised platform, enabling it to offer an integrated service for each phase of the management life cycle of an asset.


The technical, administrative and financial management of the property asset, the management of insurance risks and lease agreements, and the planning and control of costs and revenue are all part of Revalo’s DNA. These activities are conducted using whichever information system the client utilises.
Real-time reporting

The industrialisation of compliance processes, a structured start-up phase and the assignment of a Property Manager expert to each commission enable all of Revalo’s clients to benefit, in line with their objectives, from the experience and professionalism gained over many years of working within a close-knit group.

Risk management

Revalo doesn’t just manage the building’s insurance risks via guarantees provided by the client, it also offers the analysis of specific risks by studying and following sector trends. This is made possible thanks to the high number of assets the company manages. Particular added value is provided by the operational model that’s been specifically designed for the Construction All Risk sector to support large redevelopment projects.

Distressed Asset

With over 1000 assets managed and repossessed, Revalo is a market leader in the Distressed Asset segment. A unique know-how that grew together with the development of that very segment, interpreting, over time, the evolution of the “atypical” needs required by property portfolios of this type.


# municipalities in which properties are located

37 Mln €

Municipal Property Tax


Lease agreements


# Sales invoices/year


# Condominiums


# Supplier orders/year


# Purchase


Periodic statements
of account/year


The management and maintenance of the properties is carried out with maximum effectiveness by the Building Manager, with the coordination of the dedicated Key Account Manager. Through this approach the technical management is always geared towards achieving the objectives of the property owner and satisfying the needs of the lessee.
Protecting the property value

A property’s maintenance requirements are planned for the medium and long term, enabling the property owner to spread the costs over time, thus maximising the alignment with their business priorities ahead of any technical considerations.

Optimisation of operating costs 

Revalo constantly monitors each property’s consumption by analysing the automated supplies from the utilities companies and establishing the optimum contractual arrangements for the supply of utilities to the building. Such careful monitoring can lead to consistent savings – on average 15-20% – and thus reinforces the relationship of trust and loyalty with the lessee.

Environmental sustainability

Today, environmental sustainability can be considered a competitive advantage, essential for attracting tenants and investors.
Revalo is in a position to manage the principal international certification processes, such as Energy Audits (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 102/2014) or rating systems, supporting the property owner in assessing the possibility to reposition on the property market and in optimising the day-to-day management in partnership with the tenant.


# Single-tenant assets


# Multi-tenant assets

14 Mln €



As soon as it takes over responsibility for the portfolio, Revalo carries out a careful check of the documentation to ensure it is complete and in order: from acquiring the existing documentation to analysing any critical issues, right through to the drafting of a transferability report for the property and identifying the best ways to correct any irregularities in the documentation.
Setting up the Data Room

The proper management of the documentation and its categorisation in the Information System make it possible to prepare, quickly and online, an overview of the information required for the Data Room for investors.

International standards

Revalo utilises RICS standards both for measuring surface areas and for technical and administrative due diligence procedures. This enables foreign investors to immediately understand the characteristics of the property portfolio under analysis.

Compliance with building, land registry and regulatory requirements

A technical area in which Revalo excels, these activities, together with the ability to carry out maintenance work on the property, protect the property owner from all related risks. Revalo is fully up to speed with all the necessary market benchmarks to enable them to forecast compliance expenses.


# Properties managed


# Land registry titles managed


# Documents handled


# Documents computerised


# Properties sold


# Document clusters


The ability to identify the best technical design solutions for a property redevelopment project is one of the key strengths that Revalo offers to its clients.
During the implementation phase, the management of the designers, works supervision, safety and the companies is conducted with maximum effectiveness.
Design evaluation

Revalo’s technical office is able to analyse, both financially and technically, the redevelopment projects, so as to suggest alternative design solutions that may reduce the financial impact without affecting quality, evaluating the completeness of the bills of quantities as well as the operational feasibility of the projects.  

Time, cost and quality management of the project

Respecting the estimated project completion time frames is one of our unwavering objectives. This is underpinned by the ability to deal with inevitable problems by proposing one or more alternative solutions for the owner to consider so as not to delay the project.

Space Planning

Revalo uses a team of in-house designers capable of developing, for the property owner, a variety of different layout options that optimise the rental space and maximise the potential returns. Understanding the operational requirements of the lessees, gathered through extensive real-world experience of managing rental arrangements, underpins the quality of the solutions developed by Revalo.

25 Mln €



Revalo, via its single Procurement Office, is able to maximise economies of scale thanks to its strong contract negotiating position, managing the services, supplies and works procurement processes with maximum transparency and effectiveness. In addition, a meticulous supplier preselection and approval operation enables Revalo’s Building Managers to concentrate on their core activities.
Vendor Management

Revalo has established a Vendor Rating system to assess and monitor the performance of contractors. The Procurement Office carries out, in collaboration with the Building Managers, a systematic survey of the information gathered on contractor companies. This includes their conduct during the tender process as well as the quality and punctuality of their work during contract execution. Each supplier is assigned a Vendor Rating index which is particularly useful for selecting which companies to invite to tender.

Tender process traceability

Revalo’s Procurement Office uses an e-procurement application which, in addition to the important goal of reducing the time it takes to complete the process, provides a trace of each operation carried out. This automatic archiving optimises processing times and offers an audit trail for internal inspections or audits carried out by external control bodies.

Specialised contracts

The internal legal office, specialised in real estate matters, has prepared contract documents which are periodically reviewed and updated, including in response to changes in the relevant legislation. The contract types include professional service contracts, framework and call-off contracts, equipment operation and maintenance contracts, and tender contracts. In each case Revalo’s primary objectives are to ensure operational effectiveness and to protect the property owner from civil or criminal liabilities, including those set forth by Law no. 231.


# Tenders/year


# Companies in the supplier register


% contracts awarded with respect to total number of tenders


% Savings/year compared to tender specification


The Analysis & Reporting function provides dedicated assistance in drafting the client’s annual budget, independently preparing the initial data output, to be analysed in detail together with the client. Revalo’s support with the process doesn’t just end once the budget is accepted: it continues throughout the year, providing assistance, in addition to producing interim forecasts, in analysing the data via a series of dedicated reports which are made available online ready for the client to use. Revalo also offers assistance in providing data to support the process of periodically valuing the properties.

Extensive experience and the partnership with its IT service providers enables the provision of 360° support, customised to meet the client’s needs with the possibility, during the portfolio start-up phase, to personalise the set of reports and how the information they contain is set out, making them available on a dedicated portal.

Real-time data management

Revalo’s service model makes it possible to update, in real time, how the data and related analysis is displayed, whenever the needs of the client’s business requires them to be modified.

Variance analysis

Revalo supports the monitoring of the data it manages, including analysing the variances with the budget for every single item. Depending on the client’s requirements, the analysis can be adjusted to examine different aspects: economic, financial, temporal and dimensional.


# Reports/year


on Property Management


on Payment Cycles


on Budgeting & Controlling


on Technical Management and DDM


The “Tenant Service” includes all the activities that are carried out within an office space to guarantee it remains fully functional from an operational, technological and equipment perspective.
The primary objective of the service is to manage the working space and all its physical and system components, with particular attention paid to assessing the possibility of optimising their use further.
Support to the tenant’s core business

The Tenant Service combines technical management activities with administrative management, so as to take the burden of managing these time consuming management processes away from the client. The client can therefore dedicate themselves more fully to the core business of their operations. 

Integrated approach

The Tenant Service is the ideal solution for supporting a whole range of possible needs including, among others, layout adjustments, equipment installations and the organisation of company events. The manager responsible doesn’t just coordinate the ordinary maintenance, they also fulfil the role of Project Coordinator, ensuring the Building Manager has the support of all the necessary professional experts.


Revalo performs technical-administrative Due Diligence activities to support the buying and selling, leasing and financing activities, using an interdisciplinary approach and a careful analysis of the available asset documentation.
Revalo, with a view to improving the product offered, extends the Due Diligence activities to also include land registry analysis, so as to ensure compliance with tax regulations.
Respecting delivery times

As soon as we’re appointed, a team is immediately made available and the procedures that enable time frames to be reduced are initiated in line with the client’s specific needs and the area.

Virtual Data Room

The documentation provided by the client and the data gathered whilst the activities are undertaken are loaded onto our management system, so as to make them immediately available for use, including for any possible future management of the asset in question.

Dedicated professionalism

Each part of the analysis is carried out with the support of expert sector professionals, all operating within an extensive network across the entire country and possessing specific competences and a high degree of seniority.


Within the institutional Real Estate sector Revalo interacts with all the key players, providing its specific property consultation services on both structured and complex projects.
The service has a strong technical and urban planning focus and pays close attention to the future management of the asset in question.

Consolidated national and international network built through the vast number of projects Revalo has been involved in.

Business Planning

Definition of the Business Plan model in line with the project’s specific objectives, guaranteeing the client an accurate forecast of costs and revenues.

Integration with other Business Units

The Advisory service is performed with the involvement of all of Revalo’s Business Units, bringing their specific competences to bear on each project.