The values in Revalo come from decades of experience in big real estate properties management, together with best entrepreneurial practices and traditions: at first Beni Stabili, then joined by new real estate partners around the world.

Revalo values adhere to the needs of transparency and traceability of flows, requested for regulated companies such as SGRs, SIIQs and SICAF.

At Revalo we provide property services focusing on assets performance and on customer satisfaction, for both owner and tenant. We believe that this is a fundamental for our current success and for future development. Working with the best Asset Management organizations naturally brings Revalo to a proactive approach, proposing new opportunities for a constant and solid creation of value.

Revalo adopts transparent and traceable management processes, which contribute to building a trustworthy relationship with Clients, both public and private, guaranteeing accountability and protection of investments. You can rely on us for the management of your real estate assets.

Revalo guarantees equal treatment to all real estate portfolios, providing the same level of care and privacy through an active management and a diverse organizational structure. Our independence is the best guarantee for all customers.

Revalo is actively committed in improving the professional level of human resources, focusing on activities providing high added value, and on efficiency of management tools. A constant innovation which allows our professionals to concentrate on what is most important, our customers’ satisfaction.