Revalo is a high technology professional platform, offering an integrated service for every phase of the property management cycle.

Revalo‘s DNA is characterized by a strong care for technical, administrative and fiscal management of real estate assets as well as management of insurance risks , rental contracts and business management of incomes and costs.

Revalo adopts its own IT tools, improved over the years; bur can also operate on any other IT software used by the client if requested.


Real time reporting:
Revalo has based its own service model focusing on data real time auditing. This allows a constant exchange of information with client’s software tools, as well as timely monthly reporting coming before the actual end of month. The flow of incomes and costs is totally processed, generating an automatic reporting for the client, specifying reserves in client’s accounting and generating revenue accounts for each specific asset.

Risk management:

In addition to properties insurance risk management, based on guarantees provided by Clients, Revalo also offers consultancy and specific risk analysis, comparing market trends thanks to the huge amount of managed properties. All Risk Construction operations, then, are able to provide huge added value during major requalification works.

Distressed Asset:

Revalo is leader in this business with 700 average managed assets for a value of 1.5 million sqm. Boasting a unique know-how, developed together with the growth of this sector, Revalo has interpreted the evolution of the distinct needs of this type of assets during time.

Revalo ensures management and maintenance of properties with maximum efficiency by the Building Manager, under the coordination of a dedicated Key Account Manager. This way, technical management will always be focused towards owner’s objectives and tenant’s satisfaction, the first recipient of this service.


Protection of asset value:
Revalo plans the maintenance needs over a medium-long term, allowing owners to distribute in time the required financial resources based on commercial priorities first and secondly on technical needs.

Optimization of operational costs:
Revalo constantly monitors consumptions of each property through an automatic flow analysis of the suppliers and the study of the best contractual forms for the specific needs of the property. This aspect of management can bring consistent savings (15-20% on average) and develop attachment to our services from the tenant side.

Environmental sustainability:
Revalo believes that this is key point for competitive advantage, an essential condition for attracting tenants and investors. Revalo can manage the processes of main international Certification protocols, Energy Diagnosis (ex D.Lgs 102/2014) as well as rating systems, supporting owners during the process of evaluation of re-positioning on the real estate market and in the optimization of current property management, in partnership with the tenant.

From the moment of acquisition of a client’s assets portfolio, Revalo takes care of the documental situation ensuring that it is complete and correct. From acquisition of existing documents to the analysis of critical issues and to the editing of a report on the possibility of transfer of the property and identification of most adequate tools to do so.


Set up of Data Room:
an organized management of all documents and their classification in files within an IT system allows preparing a report for investors for the Data Room in a short time and via web.

International standards:
Revalo adopts RICS standards for area measuring as well as for technical and administrative due diligence procedures. This allows an immediate understanding of the characteristics of specific real estate asset s by international investors.

Compliance to building, cadastral and regulatory requirements :
this is truly an excellence in Revalo. We have the technical competence to adapt the property to the required standards including the physical side, that way protecting owners from any possible risk in future. Revalo has all market benchmarks to provide Clients with an estimate of renovation costs beforehand.

Revalo can provide Clients with the expertise required to identify the best technical solutions for each specific enhancement on the property.

Besides, in the actual operational phase, Revalo efficiently manages designers, DL, safety issues and suppliers.


Project analysis:
Revalo’s technical structure can provide an economic and technical analysis of requalification projects in order to suggest alternative and cheaper solutions of equal quality and to evaluate the correctness of estimated measures and technical feasibility of projects.

Time, costs and quality management
Revalo guarantees delivery times of the property to tenants thanks to its ability to face unforeseen events, presenting owners multiple solutions, allowing concluding the works within the agreed time terms.

Space Planning
Revalo has an internal technical team of designers capable of supporting owners with different suggestions of lay out, conceived to optimize spaces for rent and to enhance the commercial value of the property. The awareness of tenant’s practical and daily needs observed during rental relation inspires Revalo in finding valuable solutions of property service.

Through a single purchasing office, Revalo can take advantage of an economy of scale thanks to its strong buying and contractual influence on suppliers, managing with efficiency and absolute transparency the buying process of services, suppliances and works to be carried out on properties. Furthermore, a careful and meticulous process of pre-selection and accreditation of suppliers allows Revalo’s Building Manager to concentrate exclusively on property management and delivering of property services.


Vendor Management:
Revalo has implemented a Vendor Rating system for monitoring the performance of vendors. The buying office carries out a systematic collection of data and information on vendors concerning behavior during the execution of the pitch as well as quality aspects, timeliness of execution and collaboration with Building Managers. To each supplier a Vendor Rating index is assigned, a useful indicator when selecting suppliers.

Traceability of pitch execution:
Revalo’s purchasing office avails itself of an application for e-procurement which traces each single activity while reducing process times, the latter representing a key objective. This automatic filing process reduces production times and offers solutions during inspections carried out by the group itself or by control bodies.

Special contractual forms:
Revalo has an internal legal department which has developed its own contractual forms, periodically reviewed also due to normative amendments. The different contractual forms include appointments of professionals, category contracts and call off, rental and plant maintenance contracts, tenders. For all these diverse forms Revalo’s objective is the protection of owners from civil and criminal liability, including liabilities quoted in L. 231.

Analysis & Reporting division provides a complete support in compiling our Customer’s budget, creating a provisional frame from the managed data, that will be deeply analyzed with the Client before approval.

Revalo’s supporting activities will not stop when the budget is completed. On the contrary, Revalo constantly provides support for midterm forecasts, data analysis, and a complete set of On Demand reports.

Revalo’s expertise and his partnership with top IT providers creates an all-round support platform, tailoring our products on Client’s needs, customizing reports and reorganizing information.

Revalo also contributes, with the information acquired through the managing process, on assets periodic valuation process.


Revalo’s experience allows for full support to Clients, and in the start-up portfolio phase it is possible to customise the report set and the disclosure of the information therein contained.
Moreover, thanks to the partnership with its computer servicer, Revalo offers the opportunity to draw up new reports tailored on the Client’s specific requirements, making them available on a dedicated portal.

Real time data management
Revalo’s service model allows for a real-time update of data and their analysis whenever the Client’s business needs require changes.

Variance analysis
Revalo provides support to the monitoring of data management, including the analysis of discrepancies from the initial budget of each item of expenditure. According to the Client’s needs, the analysis can be deployed at different levels: economic, financial, by time, and size.

“Tenant Service” refers to all the activities carried out at the office to ensure the functional, technological and plant efficiency of that working place.

Managing the working area, and its physical and technological premises, is the primary goal of the Tenant Service, striving to obtain any available optimization.


Support for Tenant’s Core Business
Tenant Service combines technical and administrative management, in order to prevent the Client and his people from being distracted by all those longest procedures; in this way our Customer can be fully focused on his own core business.

Integrated Approach
Tenant Servicer represents the ideal partner who is able to support the routine maintenance’s activities, also acting as a Project Coordinator who can support the specific Building Manager recruiting and managing all the professionals required.